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About Us



Travel like there exist wings for you!

Neo TourEx Pvt. Ltd, signifies exciting, captivating and amusing travel experiences for all ages of the population and is now the prominent figure in the travel and tourism industry of Kerala.

We at Neo TourEx Pvt. Ltd, believe that the real happiness of life is to travel and meet the diverse people and culture around the world. As the sister company of the renowned Neo Classic Cruise & Tours Pvt. Ltd, we thrive to offer a unique travel affair for the travel community on and abroad India.

Experiences Neo TourEx Offers

1. Moments: Every moment you spend with us gives more meaning to your life.

2. Vivacity: We give you tons of vivacious memories that inspire you constantly throughout the lifetime.

3. Adventure: The world is too big to hold into one place. We are here to fill your life with exciting adventures that you will cherish the most.